Deciding when its Time to Replace School Lockers

School lockers are an essential part of the educational environment, providing students with a secure space to store their belongings. Are you unsure if your lockers simply require some maintenance or a replacement? It’s conceivable that Helmsman can assist with the upkeep and servicing of the lockers rather than having to buy new ones if yours are growing old, have creaky doors, or have lost keys. Our team of highly qualified engineers will maintain your lockers in excellent condition.

In this blog, we will explore when it is the best time to replace school lockers, considering factors such as safety, functionality, and overall aesthetics.

Some signs to look out for:

Physical Wear and Tear

Lockers endure a significant amount of physical stress from daily use. If you start noticing rust, dents, broken hinges, or malfunctioning locks, it may be an indication that the lockers no longer provide the level of security and functionality required. Regular inspections can help to identify these issues early on.

Outdated Design and Feature

Educational sectors should adapt to meet the evolving technological requirements. If the features on your school lockers fade to enhance convenience and security, it could be time for a change. Modern lockers might include advanced locking systems, better ventilation, as well as charging lockers to charge electronic belongings.

Safety Concerns

In every kind of learning environment, safety comes first. Lockers that have loose doors, sharp edges, or malfunctioning locking systems should all be fixed right away if they provide a safety risk.

Next steps in replacing school lockers


Before you do anything else, you should consider the materials and the kind of locker you want for your school. Even though metal material is a traditional locker, you may wish to upgrade to laminate lockers where the doors are solid grade laminate and mild steel carcass construction, it is composed of a more durable and unlikely to scratch or dent. Whilst laminate is more expensive, compared to metal lockers however it has more value towards the material as there wouldn’t be any replacement needed due to dents or scratches.


Next, you’ll need to think about what will be going into the lockers and how much space you’ll need for each compartment. Here at Helmsman, we have a variety of stages in the education sector. KS1 is 1250mm high whereas KS2 lockers are 1600mm high and available in 1 or 3 compartments, which is suitable for secondary and above. For both lockers, bespoke sizes and solutions are also offered.

Whilst our standard range is available up to 6 compartments which would mean that more students you will be providing for.


Keep in mind it’s not only about the lockers inside space. There are several more accessories, locking choices, and numbering options that are available for both laminate and metal lockers. Sloping tops are a popular option as they prevent the increase of dust and prevent the top of the lockers from being used as storage which can create a safety hazard if any items fall off.


Although the summer holiday may seem a long way away, it’s never too early to get in touch with us and start planning on replacing school lockers. You don’t want to miss the boat since there isn’t much time during the summer holiday to get repairs and replacements done. It’s possible that the laminate colour you’ve chosen has a longer lead time than anticipated or that you want our skilled staff to install the lockers during the busiest part of summer break. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead rather than wait, as all of our lockers are made to order.

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