Exeter School Lockers Projects

Helmsman Exeter projects

Throughout this project, we worked alongside the side with Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust schools and Pinnacle FM Ltd. This project was one of the biggest projects for Helmsman school lockers, as we manufactured and installed 804 four-compartment Laminate Metal Lockers in 4 different schools in Exeter. The schools were St. Peters, St. James, St. Luke’s, and Isca Academy. The overall project value was £165K.

Our design and CAD drawing team developed the lockers throughout the duration of the projects. Drawings contained what the lockers would look like, and the locations inside the schools for where the four-compartment school lockers will be distributed.

Laminate Metal Lockers

Laminate Metal lockers are an excellent choice for school lockers as they’re modern and popular and will hold up better to scratches, marks, and blemishes over the long term. The body of the lockers was metal powder coated in our standard colour of ‘Ice’. Whereas the laminate doors were coated in different shades of colours which each school has requested.


The specifications of all the lockers were 1775mm high, 300mm wide, and 450mm deep. The schools requested for the lockers to be manufactured with sloping tops. Sloping tops are an ideal and popular option as they prevent the accumulation of dust as well as using the top of the lockers as a storage which can create a safety hazard if any items fall off.


Here at Helmsman, we offer our clients a variety of accessories such as locks and different locker numbering. However, between the schools, the lockers were all finished with oval number plates above the Camlocks. Camlock is a great choice for school lockers as students are guaranteed that their belongings are safe.

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