Are employers required to provide workplace lockers?

A question many people may ask when starting a new job is “does my employer have to provide lockers?” The short answer would be no. However, there are many situations where lockers are imperative for people to complete their jobs successfully.

For example, should staff members be required to get changed on site, lockers are a necessary requirement for an employer. According to the HSE, “If the work activity requires your employees to change into and wear specialist clothing (overalls, a uniform, thermal clothing etc) then you must provide enough changing rooms for the people expected to use them.” This includes the necessity to “contain, or lead directly to, clothing storage and washing facilities.”

In order to prevent employees’ own clothes becoming contaminated, or mixed with their work clothes, it is advisable to provide separate storage for clean and contaminated clothing. These should “allow wet clothing to be hung up to dry during the course of the day” and be “well ventilated

What type of lockers could an employer provide?

A great option for lockers in the workplace are staff lockers. With bespoke solutions available, these can be manufactured from a range of materials and can be designed to suit each application and use. If you are required to wear safety clothing or use safety equipment, or perhaps PPE for the role, then a locker may also be required.

Metal lockers can be fitted with a steel sheet divider to keep personal clothing separate from soiled workwear, and shelves can be included for PPE, bags and personal belongings.

Should you need to provide clean garments for staff, whilst providing a drop off point for soiled clothing, Garment Dispenser and Collector lockers are a perfect option too. Garment Dispensers and Collectors are lockers designed to allow employees to collect clean garments while soiled clothing is collected centrally through another locker into a serviced laundry bag.

If you have introduced a “cycle to work” scheme, or you are required to provide an area for workers clothes to dry, heated lockers could be a great addition to the workplace. These lockers can come with metal or laminate doors depending on your aesthetic needs. A perforated base allows the warm air to circulate inside the locker and perforated slots at the top allow the damp air to flow out.

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Workplace lockers
Workplace lockers