Helmsman advancing with Barbour Product Search

Helmsman is the leading manufacturer of a complete range of lockers, cubicles, bench seating, panelling and vanity units. It offers design, supply, installation and after-sales services. This covers all projects from simple units to bespoke solutions to help realise more complicated schemes.

Advancing with Barbour product search

Why Barbour Product Search?

Helmsman decided to try advancing with Barbour Product Search and feature on its product search platform to promote and introduce Helmsman products to the right customers. As a manufacturer, Helmsman can create almost any specification and requirements. Helmsman has a classic range of products to standard specifications offers customers a variety of choices and insight into what Helmsman do.

Helmsman revamped its website and literature to showcase lockers and cubicles from different materials in an innovative spotlight. Barbour Product Search provided Helmsman with an exciting solution for promoting these products and services. Working together has improved growth and interest from new customers.

Barbour Product Search supports manufacturers in getting their products noticed by the growing digital construction audience. Industry-specific newsletters and social media communication allow manufacturers to showcase exciting products and case studies to specific specifiers. The platform wouldn’t be the same without the professionals working directly with the manufacturers every step of the way to improve the profiles and offering help and high-quality services. Check out the Helmsman Barbour Product Search profile here.