A Closer Look at Helmsman Service Department

At Helmsman we take pride in ourselves when it comes to providing our clients with top-tier storage solutions. Our dedicated service department is essential to ensuring our customers enjoy seamless, efficient and continuous lockers and cubicles.

Lockers are essential for secure storage in schools, leisure, offices, hospitals and various other sectors. Helmsman service department is dedicated to ensuring your lockers and cubicles remain secure and functional. When issues arise, whether it is replacing locker doors, changing old locks to new or if keys are missing, our team is always ready to ensure that our clients’ lockers’ needs are met efficiently.

In this blog, we will be taking a closer look at the Helmsman service department and how we ensure excellence.

Entire Service for Optimal Performance

Here at Helmsman, our service department offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Installation: Professional installation of lockers tailored to your specific requirements.
  • The designated team is fully trained service staff. To help you to find the solution to any issue that occurred.
  • Over 1 million service parts are in stock, which are all ready to ship. Next-day delivery, all the top lock manufacturers catered for.
  • Rekeying services: we can rekey existing locks, providing new keys while maintaining the original lock mechanism.
  • Service to replace current locks: Do you fancy a change to current locks? Our installation can do the job for you.

What sets us apart: expertise and commitment

Helmsman service team is recognized for its persistent dedication to client satisfaction and proficiency in addressing locker-related issues. Our team is composed of highly qualified experts committed to providing prompt and efficient solutions to your request.

Success stories: customer testimonials

“The fitting team should be commended on being personable, courteous, accommodating and professional” – Director Sir Robert McAlpine

“When we lost many keys to several leisure lockers, the Helmsman service team quickly provided new keys. Their prompt service saved us a lot of hassle” – Thorpe Park

Discover the Helmsman Service Advantage

It’s important to ensure your lockers are secure and functioning, and the service department at Helmsman Lockers is here to help. Whether you want replacement locks, locker doors or assistance with misplaced keys, our expert team provides reliable and efficient solutions. Contact us here today to learn more about how we can support your locker maintenance needs and ensure the continued security of your storage systems.