Importance of updating school lockers

Schools should update their lockers for several reasons, including security, durability, functionality, aesthetics and functionality. Each of these aspects contributes to a better school environment and an enhanced experience for both students and staff.

Are you unsure whether your lockers need replacing or just some TLC? It’s possible that Helmsman can assist with the upkeep and servicing of the lockers rather than having to purchase new ones if yours are growing old, have a noisy door, or just have lost the keys. Our dedicated team are highly qualified engineers to keep your lockers in like-new condition.

Make a good first impression on New Students

We understand how important lockers are for schools just by observing the number of schools and students in the UK school alone. When good, quality lockers make a statement during summer break inductions, schools automatically implant confidence in the parents of the students who will be joining in September. Fresh school lockers add to the general ‘feel’ and ‘look’ of a school and can either entice or discourage parents from enrolling their children to the school. When parents are choosing a school for their children, first impressions are the key.

Are your lockers fit for purpose?

While your lockers hold personal items, are they securely locked away? Are they simple to operate? Are they rusted? Does the colour still go with the colour scheme used at your school? If not, it’s time to make a change to your locker selections. It’s crucial that the doors are not hanging off hinges, and the holes left by previous locks are hidden. Every locker must operate properly. This is related to initial impressions. Making sure your lockers are in like-new condition demonstrates the establishment’s strong attention to little details. This is why we have a service department to help maintain the lockers in the best condition, if you require replacement doors or locks and other elements, contact us here.

Why Helmsman School Lockers are the best choice.

Helmsman Lockers is known for manufacturing and installing high-quality, durable and customer-focused storage solutions. Here are a couple of reasons why Helmsman Lockers should be the go-to option for updating school lockers.

High-quality materials

Helmsman lockers are manufactured from long-lasting, high-quality materials including metal, laminates, stainless steel, MFC (Melamine-Faced Chipboard Lockers) and many other materials. The strength, durability and damage resistance of these materials ensure that the lockers will last the last of the school for many years.

Customized lockers

Wide Range of options: Helmsman provides a range of locker sizes, suitable for all students, such as Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, colours and configurations to meet the specific needs of any school. Helmsman can offer bespoke solutions whether the requirement for lockers for hallways, changing rooms or even for classrooms. Schools can customize lockers with colours of the school colour scheme, schools may express their school pride and identity while also establishing a unified and distinctive atmosphere.

Expert installation and support

Professional installation: Helmsman provides installation service to guarantee that lockers are installed correctly and securely while causing the least amount of disturbance to the school’s daily activities.

Ongoing support: Helmsman offers school administrators piece of mind by guaranteeing that any problems or maintenance requirements are immediately resolved through exceptional customer service and support.


Updating school lockers is a significant investment that pays off in enhanced security, durability, functionality, aesthetics and hygiene. Helmsman Lockers stand out as an ideal choice due to the high-quality materials, bespoke designs, advanced security features, innovative features and many other reasons.

By choosing Helmsman, schools can ensure that their students have access to the best possible lockers contributing to a positive, safe and efficient learning environment.