New Gema Automatic Powder Coating System

Gema is a company with a long history. Founded in Switzerland in 1897 began life as a high-end metal fabrication business and later specialised in metal ceilings. Gema engineers started experimenting with a revolutionary new technology utilising electrostatics and powder paint; this led to the production of the very first powder application gun. The technology was so fascinating and efficient that they started developing and commercialising powder coating guns. Gema electrostatic division was born! Gema became a stand-alone company in 1982 with the separation of the electrostatic division from the original Gema fabrication business. In 2012 Gema became a part of Graco, an internationally leading supplier of fluid and coatings management solutions in both industrial and domestic applications.

Helmsman decided to update a vital part of the machinery, the paint booth. The old powder paint booth served Helmsman for around 15 years. It was time to upgrade to intelligent, faster and more sustainable technology for metallic powders. Gema supplied the initial floor plan of the new automatic powder coating system. Throughout numerous visits, Gema adjusted the drawings to suit Helmsman factory floor layout and size.

Everything has been smooth sailing. Gema pushed to install within around 14 days as agreed. Thanks to Gema engineers and Helmsman professionals working together to achieve this.

Automatic powder coating system has minimum powder accumulation which, saves powder paint and works efficiently. The intelligent airflow distribution and the powder hoses are automatically cleaned with powerful compressed air blasts when changing colour for our metal locker range.

The control system is extremely easy to use. We now have complete control of the metallic powder painting process repeatability. We can call up pre-set programs directly on the touch screen and quickly make adjustments depending upon specific requirements. Our working environment is a lot cleaner and faster pace which means we can push through more orders. We will be making the most of our new machine!

This business expansion has been supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Business Resilience and Recovery Grant Scheme. The support provided by New Anglia LEP has not only increased our productivity but is helping our local community by providing opportunities for employment and a more sustainable future.

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