The Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lockers for Your School


As a leading manufacturer of lockers, we understand how important it is to provide students with secure, functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. Choosing the right locker for your school can significantly impact student organization, security and the general school atmosphere. In this blog, we’ll explore nine different types of lockers suitable for school premises and outline each one’s special qualities and advantages.

1. Metal lockers

Traditional lockers are manufactured with metal, and many individuals associate the sounds of a banging metal locker door with their early school years. Even if alternative materials are now widely utilized, there are still many schools where metal lockers are still the preferred choice for storage solutions for students and staff.


  • Durability: Can withstand high traffic.
  • Security: Supplied with robust locking systems, such as Lowe and Fletcher.
  • Variety: Available in various sizes and configurations.
  • Available as a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for younger students.

Ideal for: High School/Secondary schools and middle schools where durability is crucial.

2. Laminate Lockers

A robust storage option manufactured with a metal frame and laminate door. At Helmsman we only use the best laminate, so it will resist years of usage and wear & tear. We provide lockers for both dry and wet environments as we have a variety of materials accessible.


  • Hygiene: Easy to sanitize and maintain.
  • Durability: Resistant to scratches and dents.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in various colours and woodgrain finishes.
  • Available as a Z-shaped locker, allowing two people to store their belongings in the footprint of one locker.
  • Also accessible as Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for younger students.

Ideal for: High School/Secondary schools and middle schools, colleges, and universities where durability is crucial.

3. Mini Minder Lockers

A small but essential locker where students and staff are available to store mobile phones and small personal items. There are a variety of compartment quantities available for mini minders, ranging from 12 to 40. Mini minders can be manufactured as charging lockers. Every locker is equipped with a plug socket and an extra USB port, allowing you to charge phones while keeping them secure during school hours.


  • Space-saving: ideal for schools with limited space.
  • Security: Secure storage for personal items.
  • Learning: Reduces distractions for students.


When choosing a locker type for your school, it’s important to consider things such as durability, security, style and specific requirements of the staff and students. Whether you’re looking for an advanced smart locker or a traditional metal locker, our range guarantees that you’ll find the ideal option for your school premises. Investing in high-quality lockers not only improves your school’s overall functionality but also contributes to a safer and more organised learning environment.

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