Partnering with BioCarbon Laminates to Provide Sustainable Laminate Solutions

Laminate School Lockers

Helmsman is always working hard to build strong partnerships with suppliers to provide you with the best quality products for washroom and cubicle environments. With a greater emphasis to make more sustainable choices through material selection, it is our responsibility to support you on this journey to achieve sustainably-minded solutions.

Carbon Neutral Laminates

Therefore, we are pleased to include a carbon-neutral laminate range in our great list of partners. The BioCarbon Laminates includes three products as part of its portfolio; Liscio, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) – all of which include built-in hygiene protection as standard.

The Liscio range is created using smart technology, repairing any minor superficial scratches, available in contemporary decors to suit the sleek matt finish.

HPL is suitable for high strength horizontal and vertical applications where resistance to impact and abrasions is required.

SGL is the best choice for high-traffic areas with heavy-duty use. Its stain-resistant properties and ability to withstand impact make this laminate the perfect choice for both horizontal and vertical applications as well as benefitting from being FR as standard.

BioCarbon Laminates has received third party recognition of environmental performance through a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from cradle to grave. The environmental impact and complete life cycle of the entire product portfolio is publicly available to view.

Carbon Neutral Cradle-to-Gate

BioCarbon Laminates calculate the carbon emissions and take the responsibility to manage carbon by controlling, monitoring and balancing carbon emitted development practices, reducing them to zero. This is done by:

  • Engaging in carbon-offsetting by using renewables, including hydroelectric power
  • Exchanging VOC-emitting resin for a water-based alternative
  • Countering CO2 emissions with a reforestation tree-planting programme
  • Working with distribution partners who offset emissions generated whilst handling the material to achieve carbon neutral deliveries

Meeting Standards

The range conforms to CE mark health, safety, and environmental protection standards for construction products sold within the European Area. Completely ethical, the laminates use sustainable raw materials and are available as FSC® certified materials as standard.

The aspiration to protect the environment and the end-user fully matches Helmsman’s core values which makes this partnership go hand in hand and ensures that we can fully support you to continue the sustainability journey.

A Sustainable Locker and Cubicle Solution

The carbon-neutral solid grade laminates can be used for our laminates, leisure, Z, school lockers and of course, our bespoke lockers too. As well as the different cubicle ranges, benches, IPS, and vanity units.

For more information, check out the colours brochure below or contact us on 01284727626 or

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