Elevate Your Project With Helmsman Bespoke Storage

How Helmsman can help with your bespoke storage needs.

Bespoke storage is becoming more popular as a result of the growing need for individuality and modification in a world where standard solutions are no longer sufficient. This point of view is especially relevant regarding the essential security and storage solutions that Helmsman lockers offer. Here at Helmsman, we recognise the value of adaptation and standing out, which is why we manufacture our lockers with an extensive range of customized arrangements to suit each individual need.

Bespoke Solutions

At Helmsman, we believe that every customer has different needs and ideas about their lockers. For this reason, our lockers offer a wide range of styles and layouts. We can tailor any feature to meet your specific requirements, including more shelves, bespoke measurements, or any other feature to meet your needs.

Our wide range of bespoke choices guarantees that your lockers blend in perfectly with your location, optimizing the use of available space and enhancing overall performance. In addition, Helmsman values our lockers to allow the user to have comfort that their personal belongings are safe and secure.

The Limits of Normalisation

Consider a situation where you work in an industry in leisure, education, commercial or any other sector where you have a specific demand for storage. Imagine the restricted uniform locker design that is unable to meet your unique needs. This may result in a general lack of convenience, ineffective use of available space, and compromised security. These restrictions may seriously impair productivity and hinder your personal belongings’ security.

Enhancing Your Space’s Aesthetic Appeal

In a generation where lockers don’t have to be unappealing anymore, the use of colours, designs and materials is used to provide beautiful lockers. You can select a design that complements the aesthetics of your space with the variety of choices we offer our clients as we fabricate the lockers from scratch. Our design option lets you construct lockers that not only provide a functional need but also bring a unique touch of aesthetically pleasing to your area, whether you prefer radiant and bold or elegant and simple.

If you have a project requiring lockers, discover how Helmsman Bespoke storage will be the perfect solution for your project.

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Benefits of Helmsman Z Lockers

The Z locker stands out as a fantastic design that combines a small footprint with maximised interior capacity in the search for effective storage solutions. These lockers provide an appealing option that strikes a mix between usefulness and efficiency as we move through settings when a room is at a premium.

Here at Helmsman, we provide our customers with a variety of types of Z-shaped lockers. From Laminate as well as Metal Z lockers, which both can be suitable for either a wet or a dry environment. Alternatively, we offer Heated Z lockers, which are perfect for workers and commuters who need their damp garments to air dry before the end of the workday. These heated lockers are particularly excellent for use in spa or swimming pool changing areas too.

In this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of Z lockers that set them apart from other lockers

Advantages of Z-shaped Lockers:

Space-Efficient Design:

Z lockers are effectively designed to maximize the amount of space that is accessible. Because of their distinctive Z structure, they have a smaller footprint, which makes them perfect for settings where every square inch counts, they are manufactured so they can comfortably hold large personal items as well as hanging items such as clothes. These lockers may be used in a busy gym, an office with many employees, or a small school. They are made to fit neatly into tight spaces.

Customization for Compact Spaces:

Z lockers are often requested with customizable options for each customer. As a manufacturer, we are able to meet the customers’ needs by providing a selection of sizes that would match the available sizes and designs, which can mean that Z lockers can be bespoke than just standard sizes.

Seamless Integration:

The sleek and modern designs of Z lockers allow them to seamlessly integrate into various environments. Whether arranged in a large space or considerately positioned in small spaces, Z lockers improve the room’s aesthetic appeal without affecting the main purpose of the lockers – efficient storage.

Enhanced Accessibility:

The Z shape improves accessibility while also making the most of the available space. This is especially advantageous in environments such as leisure centres or commercial shared office spaces, where having quick and convenient access to personal belongings is essential.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Being compact doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the style. Z Lockers frequently have an eye-catching modern design. These lockers’ appealing features provide any setting with a touch of sophistication while maintaining a functional and visually pleasant atmosphere.


In the search for efficient storage solutions, there are a lot of benefits of Z Lockers, with a small footprint and maximised internal space emerge as an effective choice. For individuals trying to maximise storage in constrained places, their customizable features, adaptability, and smooth integration into various environments make them useful and advanced alternatives. Z lockers stand out as a tribute to creative and space-conscious design as we continue to value the aesthetics and usefulness in living and working environments.

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modular lockers stacked

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

At Helmsman we can offer a range of lockers, from the smallest modular lockers, up to a range of laminate lockers in various sizes. Sometimes the space you have for your project is on the smaller side, so you’ll need to be clever with the storage you choose in order to maximise the area’s value. With a variety of options to choose from, we’re sure we can provide a storage solution for your small space.

 Modular Lockers

This is our smallest range of lockers at Helmsman. These are perfect for smaller spaces as they are just 340x300x300mm in size. Plus, if you need more than one, they can be stacked in a range of shapes to fit into a range of odd spaces. Our modular lockers are often a great choice for schools, with the ability to hold a standard-sized school bag. Our modular lockers are manufactured from mild steel and powder coated, meaning that you can choose from a large range of colours, and could even mix and match the colours to create a funky pattern for your lockers.

Mini Minder

Should you need a bank of small lockers for personal items such as phones or tablets, our mini minder lockers are the perfect choice. These lockers come in a range of compartment quantities, with options from 12 compartments all the way up to 40. Not only this, but our mini minder lockers are perfect to use as charging lockers. Each locker can come complete with a plug socket, and there’s also an additional USB option too, so you can charge your phone whilst keeping it safe. The mini minders are also manufactured from mild steel and powder coated, so you can choose from a range of colour options.

School Lockers

Helmsman supplies a range of school lockers. These vary in height depending on the Key Stage of the set of students to use them. Our Key Stage One lockers are 1250mm in height, whilst the Key Stage 2 lockers are 1600mm in height. These smaller lockers are designed around the height of the students, depending on their age; however, they are also great to fit into smaller alcoves and tighter spaces. Helmsman’s school lockers are available in both laminate and mild steel, with a range of colour options and finishes.

Z Lockers

A fairly modern design, Z lockers are a perfect space-saving storage solution. Named after the line created between the doors, Z lockers allow two people to store their belongings in the footprint of just 1 locker. Due to this, these lockers take up less room whilst maximizing the internal space on offer. With a tall section for items such as hanging clothes and a wider section for bags or shoes, Z lockers are a fantastic way to optimize your space. With options in both metal and laminate, plus the additon of adding a heated option too, Z lockers can be manufactured to suit your requirements, in a variety of finishes and colours.

Bespoke Lockers

Of course, should there be any specific request you have, we at Helmsman specialize in bespoke lockers. Let us know your requirements for your project, and we can design, manufacture and install your brand-new unique and individual lockers. Whether you need a 3 compartment Z locker, or a set of lockers to fit in a unique sized or shaped space, we can help create a storage solution. Take a look at an example of the bespoke lockers we manufactured for Leicestershire Police in our case study here.

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modular locker
charging mini minder
pink and purple metal school locker with student
metal z locker
modular lockers stacked
40 comp mini minder
Refurbishing lockers and cubicles

Prime Time for Refurbishment

Refurbishing lockers and cubicles

Summer months can be the perfect opportunity to schedule projects to upgrade and refurbish changing areas and locker rooms in schools and sports facilities. Security and durability are highly important when refurbishing your lockers and cubicles. At Helmsman, we can replace locks, keys, locker doors and cubicle locks if needed. We can even add more security to your changing room cubicles with anti-peep rails and anti-finger trap solutions. We have a variety of cost-effective options.

School Sector

School lockers see a lot of action. Vandalism issues aside, school lockers need to withstand daily use. Metal lockers have been a favourite of schools; however, we have noticed a new trend from schools using laminate lockers. Laminate lockers are aesthetically pleasing, and more so are incredibly durable.

Many schools are still favouring cam locks and swivel locks as a locking system. These locking systems are easily interchangeable and Helmsman can offer swivel locks and padlocks as a pair for your school lockers. Locker keys and master keys are also easily replaceable. We manufacture keys in-house.

Helmsman can provide metal and laminate colour samples for large projects if doors need to be replaced because of damage or wear and tear. Changing locker doors is a hassle-free job, and depending on the number of lockers, our installation and service team can have it in place in no time. Summer holidays are the perfect time to renew and replace lockers and cubicles. During this time, schools are empty, and maintenance work can without any disturbance.

Leisure Sector

Leisure facilities, gyms and spa health centres are oozing luxury as they mostly use digital locks for smart-looking lockers. We can replace digital locks or can replace doors and upgrade your lockers with digital locks. The advantages of having leisure lockers with digital locks are endless. Security and convenience is a top priority for the customer.

Helmsman can easily replace your old wrist straps if you still choose to use the reliable key and strap. Master key or locker key replacements are easily achievable and will be with you in no time by post. Other replacement and refurbishment services, including cubicles, can be assessed by a site survey and replaced by our installation and maintenance team.

We offer free consultation about the services you may require and help you decide what is best for your site. Helmsman specialists would be happy to do a site survey for large projects before refurbishing your lockers and cubicles. Our service goes beyond the leisure and school industries too. We can refurbish offices and other commercial sites.

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