Technical Support & Information from Helmsman

Z Lockers with Ojmar OCS Pro Locks

Helmsman is always trying to improve and adapt by providing clients with the knowledge and easily accessible technical support and information about lockers, cubicles, benches, IPS duct panels and vanity units offerings. We offer locker servicing and can change locker doors, replace locker and keys and even relocate your lockers if necessary. All this information is now available for you in the brochure, and if you need further help, we have a direct email for our service department:

We have created a ‘Downloads’ page specifically to accommodate our client needs for information. There are no hidden agendas, no sign-up barriers, just Helmsman technical support and information about lockers and cubicles as it is easily downloadable with one click. This page contains specifications, brochures, drawings and more for clients to view and download. 

A lot of our lockers and cubicles are bespoke and made to customers requirements and specifications. We might not have specific information for every project that we do available online. However, we are always happy to site survey the area, design bespoke lockers and cubicles to fit site requirements. 

If there is still something that you are not sure about, we are happy to answer all your questions over the phone or by email. Please, contact us on 01284 727600 or email us at