Technology in Lockers

Gone are the days where you arrive at work, school or university soaking wet from your cycle journey, or a with a flat mobile phone battery. With technology across the globe soaring above everyone’s expectations, lockers are no different. Helmsman’s smart storage solutions can offer a range of technology within our lockers, making everyone’s lives easier.

Charging Lockers:

The ability to securely store phones, laptops, or even power tools whilst charging them at the same time is a great benefit. Helmsman charging lockers are suitable for schools, universities, as well as retail and industrial environments, and we’re seeing demand increase for this particular product in recent years.

Helmsman charging lockers are available in a variety of door configurations, i.e., 5, 10, 12, 15, 20, 28, 30 and 40, and available with or without the charging capability, with additional ventilation to reduce the risk of heat build-up.

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 Heated Lockers:

With sustainability in the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, cycling to work has become the norm for many of us, and with many companies offering a cycle to work scheme, this trend is set to rise. Helmsman Heated lockers are ideal for commuters and staff who require their damp clothes to dry before the end of the working day. Helmsman Heated lockers are also ideal for leisure centres, swimming pool, or spa changing rooms, giving your members an additional benefit of drying their damp belongings too.

Heated lockers are available in standard locker sizes and options, as well as Z shaped lockers. Or we can help design any bespoke projects too.

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Digital Locks

Another place to find technology in our lockers is the locks. With a range of digital locks available, your lockers could have access with a pin code, card, bracelet or key. Our selection of lock options can provide your project with a safe, secure and modern look.

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Manufacturing bespoke lockers:

Our design, manufacturing and installation team can offer the full package when it comes to your project, and “bespoke lockers” aren’t as daunting or expensive as they sound. We have the ability to customise our products to meet your requirements and space, providing solutions for awkward corners, uneven floors or even curved walls.

We also offer a variety of colours, materials and technologies, so your bespoke project can be designed with your project’s specific needs in mind.

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Plus – don’t forget, all Helmsman’s Products are Made in Britain. So you can be sure you’re buying from a trusted company that values transparency, sustainability and ethical business practices.

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