What are the best lockers for Primary Schools?

School Lockers

Helmsman has over 70 years of experience in the school locker industry, and over these years have perfected the design and size of our lockers for each intended purpose. With research and development, we know that the standard sizes for Primary School lockers should be as follows. Our Key stage 1 lockers are 1250mm high and Key stage 2 lockers are 1600mm high in order to be the best fit for each age group. We have two ranges of primary school lockers, our laminate lockers and essential metal lockers. Both options are available from one to three compartments due to the height options.

Laminate Lockers

Our laminate style lockers are aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to maintain. These are a more expensive option compared to metal lockers. Due to this, laminate lockers are probably more suitable for a smaller size primary school or a SEND primary school to withstand tougher measures. Laminate lockers provide a great range of colours and styles, perfect to match the modern interior. Anti-bacterial laminate is also available to provide better protection against germs which has been in the forefront of many peoples minds in recent times.

Essential Metal Lockers

Essential metal lockers are a classic choice for most schools. These lockers are reliable, easy to upkeep and a perfect storage solution. The mild steel metal body and doors can be powder-coated in any Helmsman RAL colour. However, most primary schools like to go for standard ‘ice’ bodies and the primary colour of blue, yellow or red doors as this is considered educational. Separating each year group with a different colour can also help pupils to differentiate between lockers and specific areas.

Locker storage in primary schools doesn’t tend to have any security issues, so swivel locks are a good option. They are convenient and work as a handle for easy opening and closing of the locker. Swivel locks are part of our standard range and come at no extra cost with both the laminate and metal lockers. Additional extras such as sloping tops and cladded stands should be considered to keep the lockers clean and clear from clutter.

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