What is BREEAM?

What is BREEAM? - Helmsman

What is BREEAM & how does it help sustainability?

BREEAM stands for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is the worlds longest approved method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of a building. The goal is to minimise the negative impact that building projects can have on the environment.

BREEAM has a credit system, which is ranked by different sustainability requirements. If the requirements are fulfilled by architects, builders, and developers, then they will be awarded the credits depending on how they respond to the criteria. BREEAM credits should be considered at the design stage of the project as sustainability should be the driving force of any construction project.

How can Helmsman help with these requirements?

Helmsman uses sustainable, long-lasting, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials to manufacture lockers and cubicles. We are always trying to improve and help the environment locally and globally. More and more, we have builders and architects requesting lockers and cubicles that will help them gain the BREEAM credits.

BREEAM has cycling facility guidelines, which we have applied to our lockers and cubicle ranges in size, convenience and material. Our folding bike lockers allow people to have an option to cycle and store all cycling gear. In big cities, traffic and high pollution are major pain points. Having an option of a bike locker in a public building or an office relieves this pain point. Cyclists can relax knowing that their bikes and personal items such as helmets and bags are safe and secure when are using a locker for storage.

We also manufacture heated lockers that allow you to dry damp clothes and towels. These include a heated tube at the bottom of the heated locker. Perforations inside of the locker allow hot air to circulate and evenly and quickly dry these items.

Another key guideline for us is the changing room facilities for cyclists. We manufacture showers, toilets and changing cubicles. We have a Glass Cubicle range, Leisure, Inline and High Line ranges. The materials we use are recyclable and follow an approved FSC supply chain which ensures that the forest environment is protected globally.

At least two of the facility guidelines must be provided for the users to achieve the available BREEAM credits. We can supply all these options and more, having sustainable and recyclable products.

For more information on how we can help you with your BREEAM projects, please contact us today!