What’s the best locker for multipurpose use?

Multipurpose metal lockers

The locker industry has come a long way, but it all began in ancient Greece approximately 2500 years ago. Back in those days, changing room and the locker room was an essential part of competition and training centres for athletes. Even then lockers had a multipurpose and multi-user functionality. We all know that a locker is a unit, usually with narrow storage compartments available in changing rooms, locker rooms or dressing rooms. Some facilities may have a locker room attendant who can look after your belongings until you come back to take them. Since the conceptualisation of lockers, they have always been used to store valuable personal items.

Today’s lockers can be found in many different locations, not just changing rooms or specific locker rooms. They can also be in shopping malls, hospitals, and offices. Lockers can have many purposes, storage still being the main function but with additional purposes of charging sockets for smart devices, drying clothing, and distributing items such as uniforms.

Helmsman has been manufacturing lockers for over 40 years. We define ourselves as are bespoke manufacture of lockers and cubicles. Even the standard metal lockers can be modified to specific and bespoke sizes to fit any environment and project.

Multipurpose Metal Lockers

Our Essential Metal Lockers are the lockers that can do the job in any environment or location. These multipurpose lockers are suitable for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and workplaces. We offer a safe and secure storage solution for personal possessions, tools, books, gym bags and other valuables.

Helmsman essential range can use different locking systems for multipurpose use. For example, the KL1000 locking system is one of the most innovative ideas to surface in access control for a while. This allows the lock to operate with a single-use code. The guest enters a personal four-digit code twice to confirm the correct entry. Anyone could use these lockers, staff, or customers.

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