Why Glass Lockers are great for Gyms, Leisure Centres and Fitness Clubs?

Glass lockers

Helmsman Glass Lockers are great for gyms and health and fitness clubs as they are aesthetically pleasing and instantly upgrade any space, new or old. These lockers are strong, sanitary and practical. Over the years, we have seen a major increase in demand for glass lockers, especially in new build leisure projects. Take a look at our Down Leisure Centre Project and our St Sidwell’s Leisure Centre Project.

Any new build or refurbishment project, small or large, should consider glass lockers as a changing room storage solution. These lockers will make the space look first-class. Glass is the most luxurious material that we use for our locker doors. The process used is thermic tempering to toughen the glass and make it ‘safe’ for use in lockers. We have a range of Helmsman RAL glass colour options. Take a look!

Because of the tampering process, it is less likely to break and in worse case scenario should it break, it would typically fracture into small, dull pieces. Therefore, it is a relatively safe material that many people can handle without worrying about getting hurt, even if breakage occurs.

Once glass lockers are installed they will not require a lot of maintenance. They are highly sanitary as they do not absorb particles or let them pass through, so the glass doors do not collect germs and bacteria. Especially in more recent times, this should give customers peace of mind to ensure they are safe from the spread of bacteria such as coronavirus. This is one of the many reasons why the new St Sidwell’s Point Leisure Centre requested glass lockers, they provide style, cleanliness and safety.

As well as glass lockers for gyms, leisure centres and fitness clubs, we manufacture glass cubicles that can match the lockers and create an even more luxurious and sanitary space. Check out our product ranges and contact us for more information today.