Why You Should Choose Helmsman Bespoke Lockers

Who We Are

Helmsman Lockers & Cubicles is a family-run business with a long history in the manufacturing industry and a strong dedication to quality. It is one of the leading manufacturers and installers in the UK.

Strong family values and positive relationships have served as the foundation of the company, as seen by the long-serving employees, dependable suppliers, and repeat clients who come back to us with new projects. We feel that working as a team and benefiting from each person’s unique abilities can result in a company that is more valuable and effective than the sum of its parts.

Choosing bespoke lockers from us can offer several advantages to customers. Here are some reasons why you might prefer Helmsman bespoke lockers.


Enhanced Aesthetics

Branding and Design Integration – Bespoke lockers allow the customers to design the lockers to align with their company, such as the colour of the lockers.

Here at Helmsman, with our laminate lockers, we have suppliers where we can offer a range of colours from BioCarbon Laminate and Abet Laminati before we fabricate the lockers.


Security and Durability

Security Features – Helmsman bespoke lockers can be equipped with a variety of lock types, from digital to combination to standard Cam locks. The security of the locks is excellent as it assure that the users personal belongings are safe and secure.


Optimized Space Utilization

Maximized Storage Integration – Helmsman bespoke lockers can be manufactured to fit into any specific area since they can be customized and maximizing available space and guarantee effective use of space.

At Helmsman, we are specialists in manufacturing lockers to suit the specific needs of the client and the project.


Attention to Details – Bespoke lockers offer the advantage of an exquisite design. Clients can expect a greater level of attention to detail, guaranteeing that the lockers are not only durable and well-built but also practical.


Long-Term Cost Savings

Tailored Solutions – Although customer locks could be higher upfront costs, they can save money over time by meeting the specific demands and preventing the need for replacements or modifications.


Customer Support and Service:

Helmsman Service – providing custom lockers, enables us to offer more attentive service, we offer in-house design, where can be with you from the start.

Additionally, we provide an extensive selection of after-sales care and servicing to optimiase optimal performance and the longest life cycle. This can include ad hoc repairs as well as routine maintenance contracts.


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