Helmsman NBS

What is NBS?

Here at Helmsman, we use National Building Specification (NBS) which provides construction specification information used by architects, engineers, and other building professionals to find the materials and products of construction projects.

NBS is an excellent way for you to specify the products we manufacture, once the products are specified, we have a team that will be providing you with quotes.

Helmsman NBS

Our NBS account provides information to potential customers, with an overview of who we are as a company, as we take pride in bespoke storage lockers and cubicles designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements and specifications.

Where do you specify Helmsman products?

On our profile, we have a variety of products we manufacture, such as lockers, cubicles, bench seating, vanity units as well as IPS (Integrated Plumbing System). Each product that is listed provides specification information, as well as features and benefits, and more information that is needed.

When you are on each product you can add the product to your spec. From adding the product to your specification, along with adding information, our designated team will be able to contact the customer to find more information before we provide a quote.

Partners of Helmsman

Here at Helmsman, we work closely with our suppliers of laminates to provide our customers with a high-quality laminate that would be aesthetically pleasing. Customers are welcome to mix and match laminate colours to create a vibrant appeal.

The laminates that we use are fire-tested and are completely safe and protected. The laminates are durable and hardwearing solutions for lockers and cubicles, giving you years of service whilst withstanding wear and tears.

Additionally, we closely work with lock companies, where we can offer our customers a variety of locker accessories from standard Camlocks to advanced smart locks. This provides a fantastic variety of locks that are reliable and secure with the user’s belongings.

Benefits of Helmsman Specified

Here at Helmsman, we have a variety of services that are provided for our customers.

  • CAD drawing
  • Design team
  • Designation specification manager
  • We offer samples on request.
  • Installation team
  • After-care – We provide an extensive selection of after-sales care and servicing to optimize optimal performance and the longest life cycle.

If you have a project where you need lockers, cubicles, benches, vanity units, or IPS, check out our NBS profile. Additionally, you can contact us today at sales@helmsman.co.uk or get your quote today!