Transforming Your Spa Changing Room

As spa enthusiasts, we recognize the importance of each little element in establishing a peaceful environment. In addition to the aesthetic and practicality of Helmsman lockers, cubicles, benches, vanity units and IPS, we want to share with you today some priceless advice on how to make the most of your spa changing room experience.

1. Organised storage for a vibrating vibe.

One of the key elements of a relaxing spa experience is an organised changing room. Lockers are an essential part where customers can store personal belongings in a secure trusted locker. These lockers not only provide plenty of storage but also customize the colour and material of lockers to complement the aesthetic of your spa.

An example of a past project is one of our past projects for Downpatrick Leisure Centre. The material was mixed between the laminate and glass locker, where the colours that were used for the glass lockers were green, which created thoughts of nature and freshness on the other hand, the laminate lockers were in brown tone symbolising the soil and vitality.

2. Luxurious Seating for Ultimate Relaxation

Comfortable seating is paramount for guests as they prepare for their pampering session. Helmsman benches offer the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, as we are a manufacturing company, we provide bespoke benching as well as our standard benches.

3. Cubicles for a Personal Space

Privacy is a non-negotiable factor in any changing room.  Helmsman cubicles offer a private area for visitors to get ready and change, guaranteeing a feeling of peace.

Helmsmen offer a range of types of lockers in the material of laminate and glass cubicles. The glass cubicles provide a luxurious atmosphere.

Introducing Helmsman Lockers: Elevating your Spa Changing Room Experience

The selection of furniture is the foundation of a truly remarkable spa changing room. Helmsman lockers, cubicles and benches are designed and manufactured with durability, aesthetics, and bespoke designs in mind.

Here’s why we are a perfect match for your spa:

Durability Beyond Compare:

Helmsman lockers are manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resilience in high-use areas.

Security for peace of mind:

Helmsman can provide our customers with a secure locking system from standard locks to smart locks such as Lowe & Fletcher or Ojmar. All the locking systems provide customers with peace of mind that personal belongings are safe.

Unlock the Potential of Your Changing Room:

Are you prepared to upgrade your spa changing room? Explore the wide selection of Helmsman lockers, cubicles, bench seating as well as vanity units and IPS, and discover how you can create a stylish and relaxing retreat.

We hope these tips inspire you to elevate your experience in the spa changing rooms. If you want more information on our products for your project, call us today at 01284 530496 or get your quote here.

Helmsman NBS

What is NBS?

Here at Helmsman, we use National Building Specification (NBS) which provides construction specification information used by architects, engineers, and other building professionals to find the materials and products of construction projects.

NBS is an excellent way for you to specify the products we manufacture, once the products are specified, we have a team that will be providing you with quotes.

Helmsman NBS

Our NBS account provides information to potential customers, with an overview of who we are as a company, as we take pride in bespoke storage lockers and cubicles designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements and specifications.

Where do you specify Helmsman products?

On our profile, we have a variety of products we manufacture, such as lockers, cubicles, bench seating, vanity units as well as IPS (Integrated Plumbing System). Each product that is listed provides specification information, as well as features and benefits, and more information that is needed.

When you are on each product you can add the product to your spec. From adding the product to your specification, along with adding information, our designated team will be able to contact the customer to find more information before we provide a quote.

Partners of Helmsman

Here at Helmsman, we work closely with our suppliers of laminates to provide our customers with a high-quality laminate that would be aesthetically pleasing. Customers are welcome to mix and match laminate colours to create a vibrant appeal.

The laminates that we use are fire-tested and are completely safe and protected. The laminates are durable and hardwearing solutions for lockers and cubicles, giving you years of service whilst withstanding wear and tears.

Additionally, we closely work with lock companies, where we can offer our customers a variety of locker accessories from standard Camlocks to advanced smart locks. This provides a fantastic variety of locks that are reliable and secure with the user’s belongings.

Benefits of Helmsman Specified

Here at Helmsman, we have a variety of services that are provided for our customers.

  • CAD drawing
  • Design team
  • Designation specification manager
  • We offer samples on request.
  • Installation team
  • After-care – We provide an extensive selection of after-sales care and servicing to optimize optimal performance and the longest life cycle.

If you have a project where you need lockers, cubicles, benches, vanity units, or IPS, check out our NBS profile. Additionally, you can contact us today at or get your quote today!

locker room

Unlocking Creativity: Design Ideas for Your Locker Room

Bench Seating and Glass and Laminate Lockers
White Z Lockers
Glass Cubicles

A plain area may be transformed into a stylish and comfortable location with the right design when it comes to designing a locker room that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. These creative design ideas may serve as inspiration for any project, whether it is remodeling a leisure centre, swimming pool or spa changing room, commercial offices, healthcare or even schools.

Why does locker room design matter?

Locker rooms serve as a personal sanctuary for individuals, making them an essential part of the facility. A well-designed locker room not only enhances users’ experience but also reflects on the overall atmosphere of the space.

Here are some creative design ideas tailored to optimize both functionality and aesthetics.

Colour psychology

Incorporate soothing colours like blues, greens, and wood effect to create a relaxing ambiance, whereas bright colours can add energy, while neutral tones provide enduring surroundings.

Furthermore, there is a variety of types of lockers such as Laminate lockers, metal lockers, staff lockers, and glass lockers. Glass lockers create a warm and luxurious feel with the gloss over the lockers, which is a great idea for spas changing rooms.

Eco-friendly elements

Purchasing lockers and cubicles with sustainable materials. Carbon-neutral lockers and cubicles are a great way to be sustainable as they reduce carbon emissions which helps the environment.

Privacy enhancements

Incorporate cubicles that enhance privacy between the individuals. This would ensure that they feel comfortable in the environment. Furthermore, lockers can keep the users secure and have peace of mind that their belongings are secure and safe.

Accessible Features

It’s ideal to have features such as seat stands, and benches for users who need to sit down rather than balancing when it comes to changing shoes, additionally having hooks in the lockers so they can hang up their personal belongings.

Conclusion: Elevate your locker room design

You can build a locker room that ticks both functional and aesthetic boxes by using these space-specific design concepts. When you embrace sustainability and originality, your locker room will turn into a place of security that benefits everyone who enters.

Z Lockers with Ojmar OCS Pro Locks
Leisure Laminate Lockers and Bespoke Laminate Benching to Match
Bench Seating and Lockers

4 tips to design for Leisure sector locker rooms

When designing a leisure locker room, it requires careful consideration of functionality, comfort, and aesthetics to create a space that meets and needs of the members.

Here are 4 tips when designing Leisure locker rooms.

  1. Space planning and Layout

  • Efficient Layout: Design a layout that ensures easy movement. Separate areas for changing, and showering which can enhance functionality.
  • Suitable Space: Ensure that there is enough space for each user to move comfortably. Avoid overcrowding by providing sufficient rooms between lockers and seating areas.
  1. Locker and Storage Solutions

  • Individual lockers: Provide individual Lockers for each member to accommodate their personal belongings.
  • Ventilation: Incorporating a ventilation system within the lockers to prevent the smell as well as airflow helps to maintain a fresh environment.
  • Secure Storage: installing lockers to secure valuables is important so the customers and employees can feel ensured that their personal items are safe within the lockers.
  1. Comfort and Hygiene

  • Shower and Toilets: Ensure an adequate number of showers and toilets. Use low-maintenance, durable materials such as laminate, which are easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Seating: Provide seating as it allows customers to sit down and change their shoes rather than having to balance.
  1. Technology Integration

  • Charging stations: Including charging stations for electronic devices, which can be beneficial for customers if the batteries are low and need their phones when they are leaving.
  • Heated lockers: they are ideal for commuters and staff who require their damp clothes to dry before the end of their time in the leisure centres or spas.

Here at Helmsman, we can provide for wet and dry environments, with a variety of products from Lockers, Cubicles, Benches, Vanity Units, and IPS Units. Our products in the Leisure Sectors, they are excellent for environment that has high moisture and chlorine.