Why You should Choose Heated Lockers?

Helmsman Heated Lockers

Heated lockers are becoming more relevant than ever as it has become more important for employees and employers to be more sustainable by the way we travel to work, so we can protect the environment in the long term.

Nonetheless, one of the most important things is having sustainable facilities. Instead of having damp clothes in the office, employees and employers can dry their belongings instantly and easily. For this purpose, we manufacture and supply heated lockers.

In this blog, we will be discussing about Helmsman’s heated lockers in further detail.


Heated lockers at Helmsman are available in a variety of sizes from our standard sizes and compartments as well as Z-shaped lockers, as well as being a manufacturing company we can provide bespoke sizes.

With metal or laminate doors are available depending on your aesthetic needs. Here at Helmsman, we have a wide range of colors.


At Helmsman, we supply our clients with the highest quality products by forming reliable relationships with suppliers who share our commitment to environmental responsibility. We also provide our customers with eco-friendly heating solutions.

We would want to concur that environmental concerns and world events have raised our awareness of environmental issues and allowed us to make eco-friendly decisions.


We provide heaters with single and twin tubes. Depending on your location, these lockers can be connected to a fused switch or a UK three-pin power outlet via wires. It is advised to wire lockers into a fused switch if there is a long run of lockers.

We manufacture the heated lockers to have a perforated base which allows the warm air to circulate inside the locker and perforated slots at the top which allows the damp air to flow out.

The heated lockers have an optional thermostat, 24-hour time control, and 3 different programmable time periods which allows you to control when the heating is being used within the lockers.


Here at Helmsman, we have an excellent range of locks. We have standard Camlock and Hasp locks to smart locks by Lowe & Fletcher as well as Ojmar, which are a fantastic choice of locks as they assure the users feel secure that their personal belongings are all safe, as well as smart locks can be in a public or private user mode, which means they can be set up for day use or permanently with one code.


Helmsman heated lockers are an excellent choice for sectors that have employees who commute to work, providing heated lockers, it is an ideal solution for when the environment is damp, and employees and employers are available to dry clothes in a secure environment.