Helmsman Care for Sustainability

Helmsman Care for Sustainability

How are we helping?

Climate change has always been a concern, more so recently. Here at Helmsman, we agree that the recent global events have made us conscious about our decisions to protect the environment. We’re passionate about manufacturing bespoke, high-quality lockers and cubicles that are innovative, modern, and sustainable too.

Helmsman promotes the sustainable manufacture of lockers and cubicles through our chain of suppliers. We aim to work with companies that care as much as we do to ensure projects have as little of a negative impact as possible. Therefore, we try to use sustainable and recyclable materials whenever we can.

The material we use, such as Solid Grade Laminate, Glass, Timber and Metal, can be 100% recyclable. The type of material we use to make our products have a long-lasting shelf life. This is reflected by our endorsement from the Forest Stewardship Council®.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) are an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Recognised as the ‘hallmark of responsible forest management, FSC® are committed to protecting and maintaining natural communities and high conservation value forests whilst respecting the rights of workers, communities, and indigenous people.

As an FSC certified company, we share this commitment and can uphold the chain of custody for our responsibly sourced laminates to you and your projects.

We are also partnering with BioCarbon laminates to provide sustainable laminate solutions including carbon neutral laminates. Read more about our partnership here.

We want to protect the environment and make a difference. To find out more contact us. We’re available via email at enquiries@helmsman.co.uk, or alternatively, give us a call at 01284 727626.

FSC® Licence code: FSC-C166047

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