Good luck Joe Le Maire in your next fight!!!

We would like to wish our ex-employee Joe Le Maire the very best of luck in his upcoming fight on Saturday night. Joe has stepped in at short notice as one of the original fighters pulled out. He was only recently offered to take the fight but luckily enough has maintained his fitness over the past few weeks.

On Saturday night Joe is fighting in the Roar combat league 16 which is the largest fighters league in the UK.

He has seen his opponent fight a few times before and agrees he is a good fighter. Joe is competing to keep his UK number 2 ranking In the Bantamweight division.  He needs to meet the 52.5kg weight agreed.

Luckily for Joe, he has already won several national titles as a junior.  He has 2 silver medals in Muay Thai world championships as a junior also. To date, he has had 26 professional fights winning 14 and losing just 12.

We are proud to sponsor Joe in his training at Unit 1 Gym and wish him well in his next fight.  From our experience of working with him, he is extremely reliable and has a positive attitude to work. These characteristics work well when it comes to both selling lockers and taking on your component in the ring.

Photo credits by “Jaron Sharples Images

Joe Le Maire in action