Locker and Cubicle Trends for 2023

As we begin the year 2023, we’re taking a look at what trends and styles are taking centre stage. From sustainable solutions, through to which colours are becoming increasingly popular across the locker and cubicle industry.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is moving higher on the list of importance in many company operations. This is reflected not only in production or manufacturing but also through commercial property and office design. We aren’t just talking about how many recycling bins you have in the office but starting to think about your company’s entire carbon footprint and making moves towards being carbon neutral. A great way to improve your space is by thinking about the carbon journey of the products you purchase.

At Helmsman, we promote the sustainable manufacture of lockers and cubicles through our chain of suppliers. We aim to work with companies that care as much as we do to ensure projects have as little of a negative impact as possible. Therefore, we try to use sustainable and recyclable materials whenever we can. Plus, as an FSC-certified company, we share their commitment to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests and can uphold the chain of custody for our responsibly sourced laminates to you and your project.

A great example is our partnership with BioCarbon Laminates to provide sustainable laminate solutions including carbon-neutral laminates. Read more about the partnership here.

Another way in which offices are helping to improve the carbon footprint of their employees is by promoting the cycle-to-work scheme. A great way to increase the uptake of this scheme is to provide high-quality facilities such as lockers and cubicles for the office space.

Helmsman Heated lockers are ideal for commuters and staff who require their damp clothes to dry before the end of the working day. Heated lockers are available in standard locker sizes and options, as well as Z shaped lockers. Or we can help design any bespoke projects too.


Technology and Flexible Working

As we continue to develop our working lives after the covid-19 pandemic, flexible working is still increasingly important for many employees. With both personal and flexible work desk spaces becoming more popular, many employers are designing their office space with options such as hot desking and shared technology. In this office set up, security and efficiency becomes ever more significant.

We have a range of locker options at Helmsman, with charging lockers in a range of sizes, perfect for safely charging a laptop during downtime, or a place to keep your phone safe during office working hours. We also have a range of locks, with electronic locks, combination locks, coin return locks, simple cam locks with keys or hasp locks to provide the flexibility of a user using their own padlock.


Inclusive Design

A trend we have already found here at Helmsman at the beginning of 2023, is the rise in enquiries for accessible washroom facilities in leisure centres. It’s increasingly important to understand what people want and how facilities can be designed to encourage more people in, rather than only serving existing customers. Particularly with leisure centres set to experience high costs in 2023, expanding a client base is ever more important.

People in the UK with learning and physical disabilities can still face a frustrating range of barriers which prevent them from participating in leisure activities. People with disabilities are less than half as likely to engage in most leisure activities as their able-bodied peers. It appears that leisure centres in the UK are looking to update their facilities to be more inclusive in 2023. And with Helmsman’s wheelchair-accessible lockers and disabled access cubicles designed specifically with accessibility in mind, they’re a great choice.

The way in which people use leisure centres is constantly evolving. In more recent times, it seems the traditional design of formal sporting spaces is being phased out in favour of more flexible zones.  A great way to break up an open area into split zones is visually. By placing lower-height lockers, we can form a barrier and create a zone within a larger area without completely cutting off the space. This could work within an office space too, particularly if you’re promoting flexible working.



Going into 2023, curvy, rounded and slope-armed furniture is very much still as popular as 2022. The seamless feel of the curve is featured in our Leisure Lockers. The curved single-piece body and the rounded-edged doors create a smooth look whilst also being practical, easy to clean and hygienic.

However, some designers are keen to move away from soft curves and rounded finishes, and are promoting a more streamlined, classic, silhouette style, which we can offer with our Laminate Lockers.

During 2022, the style and finishes chosen for furniture were often light wood such as Oak and Maple, another trend continuing into this year. However, in 2023 we’re also expecting to see the return of bigger, bolder colours. Our range at Helmsman can offer a variety of different powder-coated metal colours, laminates from a range of suppliers, and even coloured glass for both lockers and cubicles. Our laminate range can include wood effect finishes through to bright colours such as Crimson red and Lime green.


As with many things, styles and trends are ever changing. At Helmsman we have a variety of lockers, cubicles and other product options available. We specialise in bespoke products too, so even the most unique design and style ideas can often be created.


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