Are you thinking about replacing School Lockers?

When replacing school lockers many factors need to be considered. This area needs careful consideration as this is a long-term investment in your schools future. Here are some of the variables you could consider:

They have become too old

  • If you’re thinking about replacing school lockers that are old and grubby, you may very well consider going for a complete new locker solution. Old lockers will cause more trouble over time e.g. creaking doors, replacement locks and keys. Locker graffiti dates the overall appearance of the school locker.
  • If the maintenance is becoming too costly, now might be the time to reinvest in a locker system that keeps costs down. Not only will it save you from costly maintenance but would also prove to be a better investment in the long run. However, at your discretion, some lockers may still be good enough with a new door or lock being replaced.

They’re past the stage of replacing parts

  • Many manufacturers offer replacements for locker parts. These include parts such as hinges, locks, doors etc. The services are brilliant allowing schools and students to get along with their day to day operations. However, when a school locker has a major amount of wear and tear and has undergone repairs many times the need to replace the locker intensifies.

Several areas have rust

  • Rust on painted or protected steel surfaces will spread! Not only is this unpleasant to look at, but it can also be harmful to open skin such as cuts. Also, rusted metal expands and breaks the protective coating which allows more rust to form. This calls for the removal of the rusted lockers immediately to stop the spread. Consideration should be given to the replacement lockers especially if they are exposed to wet gear.
  • An aluminium type locker is more suited to such an area.

Visible damages have become an eyesore

  • Lockers which have had their doors either kicked in or dinted are probably the main factor that will influence a decision on whether to replace or update. Fixing the dents is plausible on some occasions but the deeper the dint the more likely hood of a replacement door.
  • There are many types of doors available and if dents have been an issue in the past, you may want to consider replacing them. A laminate door can replace the metal door and is available in a range of colours and is much more durable.

Space optimisation is needed

  • Over the years’ course content has changed, the materials used have been upgraded and our students have adapted to new ways of learning. If your students are finding it difficult to store their belongings in the lockers, then it is time to upgrade the lockers.
    In some subject courses, the content is by way of whiteboard learning and all the information is electronic. However, there remains a need for printed copies for further learning in each subject area with large folders and heavy schoolbags. Previous studies have pointed to back problems resulting from students carrying heavy schoolbags on their backs. From a health and safety point of view, students should at least be given the choice to have a locker for the school year. This allows them to carry specific subject materials between classes where possible.
  • The number of locker compartments needed is an important point to consider i.e. in some cases the number of students in the school. The place where the lockers will be positioned needs consideration also. This could be along a corridor or to space already designated for lockers. The width and depth of your student lockers should be discussed in detail to ensure the space available meets their needs. Thereafter and space permitting, whether it’s two, three or four compartments this should give you an idea of the number of lockers to be purchased.

Upgrading to locker types suitable for schools today?

If the standard locker doesn’t target the specific needs of your students, then it’s time to upgrade. Since the growth of the internet, almost every student has a laptop or device with a charging facility. Most locker manufacturers have adapted to this growing trend and incorporated a range of lockers to meet these demands. Charging lockers suitable for laptops, phones and other devices offer security, meets their needs and is space optimising.

There are so many options that can take care of your specific needs. A cube locker for example is a clever modular storage system and is designed to go almost anywhere. These may be the answer for storing small valuable items and can be supplied with a charging facility also. You need to consider investing in a locker type that suits the world of a trending student of today. The market has a variety of options available that also helps in bringing about a vibrant look to the school surroundings.

What to do with the old school locker?

When you have reinvested in new school lockers you have to consider what to do with the old ones. Firstly, in keeping our environment safe repair lockers where possible.
Instead, you could donate them to a local charity and relieve yourself from any hassle. Consider contacting your nearest metal junk dealer as they may take away the lockers free of charge. You could make use of a reliable auction website or offer to an online reuse network if the school lockers are still in good condition.

If they are in good condition, they could be taken to any Recycling Centre and placed in the re-use container. Alternatively, your local borough or district council offers a charged bulky waste collection service.

What to do now?

With education budgets under pressure, it’s important to get professional advice on optimising your storage solution. We can help you by either providing an entirely new locker system or by reusing some of your existing lockers with additional brand new lockers where required. For more information contact us here or fill out the quotation form by clicking the button below.

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