Exciting Start to 2023 for Helmsman Lockers and Cubicles

NewAnglia Small Grant and EURD logos

We’re pleased to share that after a successful 2022, we’ve been investing in a variety of business assets to make 2023 follow in its footsteps. We are constantly exploring ways to improve our products, service and customer experience, from the office, factory and transport perspective, and we begin 2023 with two important investments.

With help from the New Anglia Small Grant Scheme, we have purchased a brand-new machine from Prima Power. Our new Punch Sharp PS1225 is one of the best of its kind and will provide our team with additional capabilities for punching holes in sheets of metal during the locker manufacturing process. This new machine provides our manufacturing team with servo-electro punching technology and has a high tooling capacity (up to 384 standard tools).

Continuing our interest in the environment, another reason we chose the Punch Sharp is due to its energy consumption. Compared with traditional methods Prima Power’s machinery can produce more parts at the same energy. Our company is constantly exploring new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, including using the Carbon Neutral Laminate developed by BioCarbon Laminates.

Another great thing about the Punch Sharp is that is has a compact footprint in comparison to its competitors. Meaning we can continue to expand our factory facilities in the future and use the space to its maximum potential.

As well as expanding our fleet of machinery, we have also expanded our fleet of vehicles. Our brand-new van will be used by our installations team, with enough space to carry their specialist tools, any additional supplies and products needed for your installation project.

We’re looking forward to an exciting 2023, hopefully with more business expansion and some exciting projects along the way.