Heated Lockers are ready – choose to cycle to work

Laminate Heated Two Compartment Lockers

British weather is always unpredictable, but cycling to work has never been easier. Many employers offer ‘green’ travel plans and other incentives to cycle to work; it is healthy and protects the environment. However, one of the most important things is having suitable facilities. Instead of having wet clothing or towels in the office, employees can now dry them quickly and easily. We have heated lockers ready, so choose to cycle to work!

Offering the whole package, Helmsman can supply your workplace with shower cubicles, changing room cubicles and heated lockers to dry your damp cycling clothes and wet towels. Helmsman provides heated lockers to many different environments, banks, offices, universities, colleges, ferry terminals, energy companies, oil rigs, ships, farms, tree surgeons, forestry commission, hospitals and much more. Heated lockers are much more than just a drying solution. Helmsman lockers are secure, durable and aesthetically-pleasing, creating a pleasant environment.


Helmsman heated lockers utilise an energy-efficient tube heater as their source of heat. The tube heaters are rated at 60w per 300mm long heater and can be combined with timers and controllers to maximise efficiency. If you need a faster drying time, we can double up the tube heaters to provide more power. All heated lockers are on skirted stands with a single flex for connecting to the mains supply. The minimum number of lockers on a skirted locker stand is two, and the maximum is six. The lockers can be a single or up to two compartments per locker. Our standard locker size is 1775mm high x 300mm wide x 450mm deep. However, we offer bespoke options. Get in touch to view our metal and laminate colour ranges.

Locking Options

We provide the lockers with either a key lock or a swivel hasp lock to take a padlock as standard. Other locking options include coin return or collect locks, mechanical combination, electronic combination locks or RFID as a selection.

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