Wet and Dry Spec Lockers

In order to protect and extend the lifespan of your products, it’s important to consider the materials and options that are suitable for the particular project. The environment that lockers, cubicles and bench seating are kept in, as well as their use and intended purpose is extremely important when deciding on design and materials.

At Helmsman we provide a variety of products, as well as offering bespoke options too. So, whether your project be a swimming pool changing room, heated Z Lockers, or outdoor school lockers, we can cover it, and help you to choose the most suitable materials and layout.


Dry Area Lockers

For a material to be suitable for creating a locker body, it needs to be robust, strong, bendable by machine and cost effective. Helmsman pride ourselves on providing a high-quality product, which is why we use Heavy Gauge Mild Steel for our locker bodies. This material is designed to provide years of use and can be painted in a range of RAL colours in our Gema Powder Coating System, though in general the locker body is in colour “Ice.”

You can pair these tough locker bodies with a range of doors, from a variety of compartment sizes and shapes, through to a range of materials.

For a dry area, our metal locker doors are manufactured in the same material as the body, this Mild Steel material can be powder coated in our RAL colour options, either the same colour as the body or a different one.

You could also choose laminate doors for your project. The Solid Grade Laminate that Helmsman use comes in many different colour and finish options, from bright orange or classic grey, through to a wood affect finish. We also work with a selection of suppliers, including BioCarbon’s Carbon Neutral Laminates, providing you with high quality, sustainable materials for your project. Laminate is a great choice to manufacture a more Heavy-Duty locker, as this material is less likely to scratch, dent or damage.

Of course, whilst mild steel has its benefits, it can rust and damage with moisture or humidity, so is only suited to lockers manufactured for dry areas.


Wet Area Lockers

A wet area will require materials that don’t rust, warp, peel or crack under humidity or moisture. At Helmsman we use a stainless-steel frame, with an aluminium body. These materials are designed to work within a wet environment and won’t damage due to moisture.

Should you require a metal locker door, we use a zinc plated metal. This material is a cost-effective way to provide metal lockers in a wet environment. Suited to lockers such as garment dispensers or collectors within staff washrooms, or metal lockers for swimming pool changing rooms.

Laminate doors are also available for a wet spec locker design. The colour and finish options look great within a luxury hotel, leisure centre or spa changing rooms. Plus, with options such as antibacterial coatings, laminate doors can be an easy to clean, hygienic, yet stylish choice for your project.

Another option for a wet spec locker project would be glass lockers. With a standard aluminium locker body, there are two possible options for glass doors. We can provide a laminate door over-clad with tempered glass, or an RAL coloured glass door. This really does provide a luxurious feel to the project, and pairing glass doors with laminate doors can provide a stunning contrast too. With glass being a non-porous material, the material doesn’t absorb or allow the ingress of particles, making them a perfect choice for a wet spec project.

However, whilst the wet spec lockers are designed for a wet environment, there is no stopping you using them in whatever project you like. Glass lockers for example are becoming more and more popular with city offices and promote a high-end luxury feel. Take a look at our project with EOS Interiors here.

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